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Bulla Splits Ice Cream Sticks 10's

Bulla Splits Ice Cream Sticks 10's


Bulla Splits have a fruit ice shell made with real fruit juice and a creamy center of vanilla ice cream. You'll find three flavors in each variety. Made with fresh milk delivered daily and available in packs of 10, Bulla Splits are the perfect refreshing afternoon treat or dessert the whole family will love.


Product Info

  1. LMR Variety Pack 10's | Lemon-Lime, Mango and Raspberry | 750ml
  2. TWO Variety Pack 10's | Tropical, Wildberry, and Orange | 750ml
  3. Spiders Ice Cream Stick 10's | Sour Grape, Creamy Soda, Lemon Squash | 750ml
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